Why Chose Ecount ERP ?

Why choose Ecount ERP?

• Developed, integrated features – Ecount ERP provides features most small and medium-sized businesses require. These features are fully integrated and fully functional, which include accounting, inventory, production, purchasing, sales, and collaboration modules.

No long periods of development and implementation – Unlike many on-premises ERP systems requiring installation, Ecount ERP does not require months of development and implementation. The program is made available to you in just a matter of hours, not months.

Higher user adoption rate – Ecount provides a customizable ERP program that allows users to make menu configurations according to the needs of their company, which often leads to a higher rate of adoption. Over 95% of Ecount clients have successfully implemented the system, resulting in overall user satisfaction.

 •  Return on investment – Most ERP systems require capital, IT resources, and time. All of these add up and it can take anywhere between 2-5 years to break-even and see a return. This is true of both on-premises ERP and other SaaS ERP providers. With Ecount, companies will be able to hit the break-even point and see a ROI in much less time.

•  Clear cost of ownership – The yearly subscription to Ecount ERP is only $600. There will not be additional costs for configuration or even costly upgrades in the future.

Scalable program – Ecount ERP is designed to grow and adapt with the evolving business environment. Ecount offers free scheduled upgrades to improve current features and add new ones. You will not be left with an obsolete system that is too costly or impossible to reconfigure.

Customizable – The program is completely customizable for many different types of businesses and industries. Users can easily activate or deactivate features and modules. The entry screens and templates can also be customized to include important information.

Real-time reports – Reporting is essential for sound decision making. Ecount ERP offers various financial, accounting, inventory, sales, and purchasing reports with customizable templates.

• Access anywhere, at any time – All data is stored in the cloud allowing users program access from any computer at any time. Data is also less susceptible to being lost due to stolen devices, computer crashes, malware, and viruses.

Industries – While Ecount ERP is a turn-key software, it was created with multiple industries in mind. We have thousands of clients from different industries including manufacturing, food distribution, retail, service- based, and more.

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